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Bugs are fascinating creatures that are available in every corner of the planet. There are big bugs, creepy bugs, and bugs that fly. Some bugs bite people or animals while others have saliva that contains healing qualities. Some bugs are poisonous and other are enjoyed as delicacies. Bugs often flock to warm dry areas that are protected from the elements and have meals readily available. If one discovers that their property is infested with bugs, then they should call pest control in order to get termite treatment on their residence.

Ants are one of the most widely known bugs. Ants are often depicted stealing food from innocent people’s picnics but in reality they’re actually quite nice. Ants have an amazing construction and hierarchy system unknown to most people. Once an ant goes out hunting for food, it leaves a trail of excretion that other ants can follow to find the food. An ant can carry five times its weight in dirt or food. Ants move dirt to create massive mounds that have several layers of twists and turns that eventually lead to the hatching chamber. When an ant is born it gets assigned a position in life as either a digger or a gatherer.

Worms burrow into the ground creating a labyrinth of holes and passage ways. Worms eat dirt and then it comes out as waste that’s extremely abundant and is sought after by many gardeners. 1 interesting thing about worms is that if it gets cut in half, it only becomes two distinct worms. Most worms actually haves five or six hearts, this is why they can survive when broken apart. Worms are also utilized as popular fishing lure. Fish like to eat live moving items along with a worm wiggling on a hook is the perfect thing. Even fake worms are used as fishing bait and come in many different colors. There are also other kinds of worms which are parasites and invade into the human body. Such worms like the warmth that a body provides and burrows deep to consume food and nutrients.

Unlike worms, caterpillars eat mostly crispy green leaves and they have eyes, a mouth and antennae. Caterpillars are born from eggs that were laid by butterflies and after a brief life as a caterpillar; they wrap themselves tightly in a cocoon and morph into a butterfly. Just before the cocoon stage, caterpillars stuff themselves with leaves to sustain themselves through metamorphosis. Butterflies are extremely lightweight beautiful animals that flutter over fly. Butterflies can be found in all different colors with heaps of different patterns displayed on their wings.

Fleas are little hard to find bugs that like to nestle themselves in the fur of animals. If a person has a cat, dog, or ferret, then they should regularly assess their pet’s fur indications of the little buggers. Fleas lay eggs in animal’s fur and induce the animals to itch. Look into¬†North Palm Beach Bat Removal if you have any questions.

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