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Tired of doing the same cardio routine? If cardio conjures the exact same picture of you running on a treadmill, or spinning off on a bike/elliptical it might get tough to stay with it. And if your like most people, your not very fond of the gerbil on a wheel feeling the gym sometimes has on your cardio days.

Here are a few reasons we want cardio in our everyday lives. Additionally, it assists in increasing your lung capacity in addition to making your heart stronger. It even reduces the chance of you having a heart attack, with hypertension, diabetes, or even high cholesterol. It’s even been proven to make you feel great, sleep better, reduce stress, and improve your sexual drive.

I think we could agree that cardio is by far a good thing, now the only thing we will need to do is to make it something you’d enjoy doing. If your tired of the same old routine, your body probably will be too. This article will introduce some fun new things which will help incorporate some cardio, and all its many health benefits, to your own life.

There are so many activities that people may not see as a workout but in fact offer a fantastic cardiovascular exercise. One such activity is dancing. Nowadays many gyms offer cardio dance classes that are usually either free or for a small per class fee. If you would like to create a night of it rather than your regular bar scene there are pubs that have salsa dances for beginners. There is something for everyone and several times beginner courses are free.

In case you’ve got two left feet and dance is not for you, why not try swimmingpool. This helps especially if you’ve got sore knees or if your joints hurt. If you don’t know how to swim or do not want to just swim laps, consider doing aquaerobics (the water version of aerobics).

If you like running or cycling but are tired of the gym, get outdoors! Whether its a local 5K or your first triathlon there are ways of bringing out that competitive spirit that will bring out your love of the game, and add to a support group to help you stay motivated. Finding a good trail near you could be an easy search of local forest preserves or lakes/rivers/oceans.

Another option you may not have considered is practicing martial arts. There is a plethora of different sorts of martial arts that one can practice. If your hesitant since you do not want to fight, there are lots of places that can allow you to learn self defense methods. Here are a couple tips to finding a great martial arts school. Some questions you might ask are; what’s the instructor to student ratio? And What is the average age of the students that would be in your potential class? Also, take advantage of a free class if there is one available, it will give you a great idea if it is a good fit.

Last, don’t forget the main reason we went out as kids, sports. When we were small going outside was a pleasure, at times a privilege, but never a chore. Find whatever old sports equipment you have collecting dust and use them at the local park or backyard. When in doubt ask your children what sports they would like to play. If you don’t have kids you can either borrow a relatives or acquaintances or volunteer to be a big brother/ big sister and make a kid’s day that much brighter. Remember we are the role models, and there is no better time than today to make a positive impact.

These were just a few examples of how to get more cardio in your life. I am hoping that at least one of them might have given you some inspiration or ideas the next time you are contemplating not going to the gym for cardio. Its not the simplest thing to stay inspired, but becoming creative helps. And as soon as you make it fun, you can do more with pleasure.

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